About Dr. Bob's House

Support Dr. Bob’s Restoration Project

We are very excited about restoring the home to the time period when Dr. Bob and Anne lived there. Interior renovations are complete and it’s time to focus on the exterior.
Exterior Renovations Include:
  • Repairing the chimney, roof, rafter tails, fascia boards, trellis, front door, windows and front porch
  • Replacing/restoring gutters and downspouts
  • Performing an existing condition study and paint analysis
  • Painting the exterior of home
  • Replacing HVAC Unit in Archive House
  • Adding UV protection to windows
  • Construction management

Make a Gift Today! To complete this historic restoration, we need to raise $150,000 in the next several months. Your gift may be directed toward: Renovations – The Endowment Fund – Day to Day Operations. Please click on this image to begin your donation.

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